Note: Most books below can be purchased from your favorite online bookstore. If you cannot find a particular title, please contact us as we likely have copies for sale.

If you are just getting started with collecting medical antiques, Natan Schleider Gallery, L.L.C. suggests buying those books in bold below.

My first book and the one I often reference and recommend to the novice collector is Antique Medical Instruments by C. Keith Wilbur, M.D.. The price guide at the back of this book is a bit dated but can give you a rough idea of what items cost.

All books by Elisabeth Bennion are important for all collectors.

Once you get more serious about collecting, I suggest buying original or reproduced antique catalogs of medical instruments either in their original book form (which can be pricey) or available on thumb drive or CD copies. Original catalogs can be quite expensive and a good investment. The best known amongst USA collectors is George Tiemann & Co. American ARMAMENTARIUM CHIRURGICAM.


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Medical & Surgical

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