Adolph Waldau’s Ophthalmophantome

Adolph Waldau’s Ophthalmophantome for Experimental Operations on the Eye

Updtaed by Natan Schleider, M.D.

Adolph Waldau’s Ophthalmophantome, French or German in origin, circa 1880 to 1900.  Standing 42 cm tall, the black  japanned aluminum mask rests on an articulated brass stand with a circular black-enameled cast iron base.

Articulations are secured by thumbscrews and with another at the top of the mask to position the twin spring-mounted porte-oeil or eye-holders with pincers.

This Adolph Waldau’s Ophthalmophantome apparatus is complete and in Fine Condition noting very slight to the black face japanning commensurate with its age.

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