Links to Museums, Related Web Sites, Collectors, and Dealers

Links below I use for antique medical instruments including: fellow collectors, reputable dealers, museums / collections of all genre of medical history. I have specifically focused this list to websites that I frequently check for my own research, friendly and fair dealers of medical antiques instruments and books, and fellow antique medical instrument collectors (who collect a little of everything or only one niche of medical history and their related tools of the trade. Most of the list below is alphabetical although the top of the list are those most commonly used (at least by me and some fellow collectors):

UPDATED BY NATAN SCHLEIDER M.D. June 14th, 2020 accurately describes itself as ‘The Internet Resource for collecting medical, Civil War, surgical, apothecary, dental, and bloodletting instruments’

Dr. Douglas Arbittier is one of the most active, friendly, and thorough collector and preserver of medical antiques. Douglas Arbittier, MD, MBA, has an incredible collection that surpasses most museums I have visited in quality of items and variety. With nearly 1000 pages dedicated to civil war medical and surgical history, images of the finest surgical and bloodlettings sets and instruments, this website is a great resource

The Tizzano Museum houses the an incredible collection of antique medical instruments with special interest in obstetric and gynecologic instruments but much more.

For  medical history of women’s health, obstetrics, gynecology as a primary focus, this is a website where you can find multiple wonderful medical antiques from diagnostic to surgical and more: Civil War Medical Books is one of the most definitive sources of books AND surgical sets related to the civil war of the Unites States (1861-1865). 

For terrific images and information of civil war medical and surgical books, history, and the incredible growth of medical knowledge that was forced to evolve when the Confederate States of America declared themselves independent from the Union [or Northern States], roughly 500,000 Americans died forcing doctors & surgeons to quickly learn trauma and battlefield anesthesia and surgery. If you are thinking of starting or adding, buying or selling any civil war medical book this should be one of your first places to visit.

If you are curious about the central role of the hypodermic needle, syringe, their history and variety than is highly recommended.

This young website built late 2019 into early 2020 depicts primarily hypodermic needles in beautifully cased sets with incredible imagery and information consolidated on this one genre of medical instrument.



Clendening History of Medicine
This a an excellent source for images of the history of medicine

Jean-Pierre Martin has created this website related to the history of medicine and medical antiques. Very interesting, but in French.

Deafness in Disguise
Interesting collection of hearing devices from the collection of Dr. Max. Goldstein.

Dittrick Medical History Center at the Case Western Reserve University
A fabulous resource for anatomic history and medical instruments, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dream Anatomy at The National Library of Medicine
A good anatomic reference.

The European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences is an international organization interested in all aspects of medical history, collections, and museums. Regular newsletters notify members of museum events, conferences, publications, and papers. The yearly membership is 30 Euros for individuals.

Echo: Exploring & Collecting History Online
Since 2001 the Echo project has used the Internet to collect and present the history of science, technology, and industry. Their search engine can be very helpful.

Gothenburg Medical History Museum (Sweden)
The museum is located in a former 19th century hospital with medical wards and instruments on display.

Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Yale Medical Library
The Yale Library has several interesting collections, including quite a few OB instruments.

History of Learning Site
This is an interesting and comprehensive introduction to many areas of the history of medicine. Included here are links to various other Internet sites which provide very helpful information to historians.

History of Medicine online
A nice site for an general overview of medical history.

History of the Health Sciences Web Resources
An excellent bibliography of resources related to the history of medicine
with related museums and organizations. Wonderful links.

Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose in Lessines, Blegium
This museum is in a 13th century hospital with magnificent architecture and medial artifacts to be seen on a visit.

Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons (London)
The wonderful anatomic collection of Scottish surgeon John Hunter, one of the founders of modern surgery. This is a must see collection for anyone interested in medical history ad artifacts.

International Museum of Surgical Science
Reference material from around the world.

International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago
A good reference for the history of surgery.

La Specola
These are some of the finest wax models ever produced, found in Florence, Italy.

Medical Museum History Australia
There is a good deal of information, but it takes a while to navigate through to see the instruments.

Medizinhistorisches Museum
A varied private collection.

Morbid Anatomy
This is an excellent resource for medical museums around the world.

Musée d’Histoire de la Médecine (Paris)
This is a must see to those interested in medical antiques during a visit to Paris. To be seen here is a large collection of some of the finest medical antiques in the world.

Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy
Tour of the science and medical museum in Florence, Italy.

Museo Storico Nazionale dell’Arte Sanitaria, Rome
This is a large museum in Rome with collections that include pharmaceutical, anatomical, and some medical items of interest.

Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya
This museum is connected with the medical school in Barcelona. There are interesting exhibits on display here for visitors.

Museum des Menschen, KULTURAMA
“The Museum of Man” is located in Zurich and a hands on experience related to anatomy and the history of the human species.

Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts
An online collections of well over a thousand photos of objects representing a wide range of medical practice and craftsmanship.

Museum of the History of Science
One of the finest collections of medical and scientific instruments in the world.

Museum of the Hospital of Toulouse
A large collection of interesting medical and pharmaceutical artifacts.

Museums of Health & Medicine (in London)
This is a helpful guide to the many medical museums in London.

Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
An excellent resource for the history of medicine and a great visit to see the anatomic collection. The Mutter just added this fabulous way of viewing their collection:

National Institutes of Health
Publications, articles, and photos from the National Library of Medicine.

National Library of Medicine
This is another reference for medical images from the National Library of Medicine

National Museum of Civil War Medicine
An interesting place to visit in Frederick, Maryland with lots of artifacts and military information.

National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM)
Though there are many exhibits related to medicine and health care, this is a fascinating museum primarily dedicated to military medicine beginning with the American Civil War. It is located in Silver Spring, Maryland just outside of Washington, DC and included on display is the bullet fragment that killed President Lincoln.

This is a wonderful resource created by Emma Reinert for those interested in the history of nursing. The many links to museums and historical collections provide a wealth of information for any review

Science Society and Picture Library
An excellent reference for images related to the history of medicine.

UCLA Library
Several dispalys on the history of medicine.

Wellcome Library (images)
Contained here is an extraordinary collection of online images of instruments and illustrations. Here in London is also a large library and museum highlighted by its ceramic collection.

Wellcome Library (references)
This link to the Wellcome is for their comprehensive reference section.

X-RAY Information from Emory
A fine review of the history of radiology from Emory University.

Association de Sauveguarde du Patrimoine de l’Art Dentaire (ASPAD)
This is a collection of beautiful museum quality dental antiques and furniture.
Musée Virtuel
This is a wonderful site that contains numerous early dental instruments with a lot of interesting history.
National Museum of Dentistry
Interesting exhibits on all aspects of the history of dentistry. A good place to visit when you are in Baltimore! (And by the way, this museum is located where I first learned anatomy as a medical student at The University of Maryland, the first dental school in the world.)
Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry
This museum is affiliated with the University of Michigan School of Dentisty in Ann Arbor. The stated purpose is to exhibit and maintain dental artifacts while educating the public on topics related to the history of dentistry.
American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

Topics and good links related top pharmaceutical subjects.
The Collectors Weekly — Pharmacy Antiques

Pharmacy collectibles (also drugstore and apothecary) run the gamut from medicine bottles to scales to ‘show globes’ — large glass balls used as window displays.
The University of Arizona Pharmacy Museum

a pharmacy museum with pictures of show globes and other pharmacy items.

Dr. Olgierd Lindan’s Quackery Collection
We have unfortunately lost Dr. Linden, but his family has retained a lot of his collection and several pieces are for sale on the Internet.

Jeff Behary’s Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Jeff has a wonderful site that contains a great deal of information on the history of electrical quackery and also has items for sale!

Museum of Quackery
This is the museum established by Bob McCoy– lots of information on quack devices and several very good videos with demonstrations.

A guide to health fraud and quackery.

The Bakken Library and Museum
One of the largest collections of quack items in the world,
and a must visit when in Minneapolis, MN.

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention
The Spark Museum is directed by John Jenkins and contains a very large collection of electrical devices including early electroststic generators and medical quack devices with interractive exhibits for children of all ages. This is an extraordinarily important collection regarding the history of electricity and communication and the weekend demonstrations should not be missed. The museum is located in Bellingham, Washington about 1 1/2 hours north of Seattle and has regular visiting hours Wed-Sun.

This is a site where the occasional rare medical antique can be found. The prices are sometimes high but some of the antiques are one of a kind. Try entering “surgical” in your search.
https://www.1stdibs.comAmerican Artifacts
a few medical and quack items for sale

This is a very nice resource for antique scientific and medical instruments, located in Milan Italy. The site may be translated into several languages and PayPal is accepted.

Antique Scientific Instrument Fair
This is a wonderful instrument fair that is held in London every six months. The instruments are in diverse fields of science, but there is a significant collection of medical instrumentation for sale.

Antique Scientifica
Alex Peck is one of the major antique dealers in the world and has one of the more informative sites.

Antiquities Scientifiques
A nice Swiss site for medical and scientific antiques by Marc Andre & Marlyse Perret

Barnebys Internet auction reference
This is an excellent Internet search tool where a large number of auctions from around the world may be followed. You may enter your specific item of interest and you will be notified when it comes up for auction. Free appraisals are included.

Curious Science
David Burns is one of the major medical antique dealers in the world, based in the UK.

This is an extraordinarily helpful site in finding medical, apothecary, dental, and quack medical items. There are sites for each of these categories with the antique medical site for instruments made prior to 1930. Some are common though occasionally a very rare antique finds its way to this site. There is a great advantage to the bidder who has experience and can pick out that rare bargain.

Ed Welch Antiques
Ed Welch has been a medical antique dealer for years and has a wide ranging inventory.

Fleaglass Dealer’s page
This is an excellent resource of dealers, some from England and others from around the world.

Fleaglass medical antiques
This is a list of medical and related antiques from the Fleaglass web site. It is quite extensive and contains many instruments and cased sets from various dealers associated with Fleaglass, many of which have been offered through eBay in the past. There area number of high end offerings here.

Gilali Collectibles
This is a site for the sale of medical and dental instruments.
Many inexpensive medical antiques for sale here.,scientific-medical-1.html

Historia Antiques
This is a West Coast online antique resource where you may find some unusual anatomic models along with other unusual medical antiques. Jim & Sidsia Caswell are the proprietors.

James Kennedy Antiques
James Kennedy is a long time antique dealer in Durham, NC. He has expanded his interests outside of the medical field but occasionally offers high quality medical antiques.

Bjorn Kambeck has a number of nice antiques for sale in Germany.

Le Saint Georges
A small collection of medical and dental instruments for sale, well presented.

Le Zograscope
Alexandre Piffault offers a fine collection of medical antiques for sale along with books from Paris. Above is his FaceBook page to contact him.

Librairie de Alain Brieux
The bookstore of Alain Brieux contains a large assortment of very fine early medical books, and all for sale. Also available are a number of early French medical antiques, which you can see either by visiting the bookstore in Paris or by subscribing to the store catalogue which is updated 2 or 3 times a year.

Madam Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow
This is the very eclectic site of Brennan Dalsgard where one can purchase unusual pharmaceuticals along with strange curiosoties of all types.

Medical and Dental Antiques
Mike Gordon has been selling high quality medical, dental, and quack antiques for many years. He closed his personal web site and now sells through Fleaglassantiques.

Medical Antiques Online
A small site with an excellent history of stethoscopes by Eric Rackow.

Norman Publishing Company
A fine source for the purchase of antique medical books.

Obscura Antiques
This is a wonderful antique shop in New York City to visit. Lots of very strange antiques and artifacts, some of which are related to medicine

Olgierd Lindan, MD Collection
Unfortunately Olgierd Lindan passed away several years ago and aside from being a close friend, he was an avid collector of quack medical devices. Some of these instruments remain for sale on a web site maintained by his family.

ProAntic is a large French online antique store with a large diverse inventory but included one can find a number of high quality scientific and medical instruments. The site can be translated into English if requested.

Sawbones Antiques
A wide variety of medical dental land apothecary artifacts for sale.

Scientifica Opticae
A nice collection of medical and optical instruments for sale.

Steinmed Antiques
John Gimesh is a retired pediatrician in North Carolina with a house full of antiques for sale. He also mails out a catalogue several times a year, and has a large collection of medical antiques for sale at Gettysburg (

Sure Cure Antiques
A large site of pharmaceuticals for sale by Craig and Debbie Maxwell.

One of the better places to find high quality medical antiques.

The Gemmary
A nice site of medical antiques for sale.

The Griffin Collection
Ed Welch is liquidating this rather large collection of medical antiques.

The Nautilus
Alessandro Molinengo has a wonderful variety of medical and dental antiques for sale in Turin, Italy.

The Radio-Guy
Steve Erenberg has a number of medical items for sale including anatomic models, dental, and quackery devices

Van Leest Antiques
A wonderful collection of medical, dental, and scientific antiques for sale from Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Vintage Medical Antiques
Ed Welch has a fairly broad collection of medical and dental antiques for sale.

Collect Medical Antiques
THIS IS MY SITE — wonderful antiques with a lot of information for collectors! PLEASE visit my “Wish List” for items I am in search of. The Grantham Collection
Mr. Grantham has a very fine collection of destructive instruments.

Accoucheur’s Antiques
This is a fine reference for those interested in obstetric instruments. The Gapultos collection.

All Lancets
This is Tom Yarborough’s collection of bleeding instruments. A wonderful site that is a great reference on the subject.

Antique Dental Instruments
A beautiful site from Israel for Dr. Gregory Ribitzky to show his dental collection.

Baltic Amber Fossils
Rocchini Dumas is responsible for this extensive and informative site containing a diverse assortment of medical and surgical instruments with quite a lot of historical background.

Eye Antiques & Collectibles
A comprehensive look and antiques related to the eye by Gary Edwards in Hawaii. He also has some nice ophthalmic items for sale.

Medical Antiques
This is Dr. Doug Arbittier’s wonderful site showing his collection and providing information for collectors. He specializes in bleeding devices and cased sets.

Museum of Antique Dental Instruments
This is the private collection of Dr. Gregory Ribitzky in Israel. It is quite extensive and beautifully presented.

Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts
This is the well organized collection of Dr. Donald Blaufox

Museum Sybodo
A large and varied private collection of medical antiques.

O’Brien Healthworks
This is a collection of late nineteenth and early twentieth century devices for measuring BP and pulse.

Old Scalpels and Stuff
A collector has decided to liquidate his medical, apothecary, dental, and quack antiques. The instruments and artifacts are excellent and are easily purchased through PayPal at this web site. The prices are also very reasonable so if interested click the appropriate category at the top of the page (date of this posting: 15 June 2015).

Patrick Sutter
Patrick is a medical history collector from Switzerland and his site contains a number of interesting medical images of early art and instruments, though not described in English.

Phisick Medical Antiques
Dr. Laurie Slater’s collection of medical and dental antiques. Included is a wonderful resource page with a lot of information for collectors.

Pneumological Antiques
On the website of the Swiss Lung League, Dr. Andreas Knoblauch has created a complete website to show his collection of medical antiques mainly dedicated to pulmonary medicine.

Ross Epstein, DDS
Ross is in the private practice of dentistry on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He is a collector of dental furniture and is one of the leading experts in that field in the United States so if you have a question on dental furniture this is the place to go.

The Radio Guy
Steve Erenberg has a large site of the very unusual in his collection with a number of items for sale (see the dealer section above). He is particularly interested in finding masks and helmets, radios, anatomic models, electric and quackery devices, models, cars, and microscopes.