Civil War Medical Books

Hospital Steward’s Manual, (1862) by Joseph Janvier Woodward, M.D., Asst. Surgeon U.S.A.

The Hospital Steward’s Manual, for the instruction of hospital stewards, ward-masters, and attendants, in their several duties.

A copy of this text book is listed in the 1864 Surgeon General’s Office Library Catalogue or the list of medical textbooks which were published during the Civil War by the Army Medical Department.

At the beginning of the Civil War Dr. Woodward entered the United States army as assistant surgeon, serving with the 2nd United States artillery in the Army of the Potomac, and then became chief medical officer of the 5th division in the Department of Northeast Virginia, being present at the first battle of Bull Run. Later he became medical officer of three light batteries in General Philip Kearny’s division in the Army of the Potomac. In May, 1862, he was assigned to duty in the surgeon-general’s office in Washington, and charged with the duty of collecting materials for a medical and surgical history of the war and for a military medical museum. At the close of the war he received the brevets of captain, major, and lieutenant-colonel, and on 28 July, 1866, he was commissioned captain and assistant surgeon. He was made surgeon with the rank of major on 26 June, 1876. Dr. Woodward was associated in the management of President Garfield’s case after he was shot.

HOSPITAL STEWARD’S MANUAL THE HOSPITAL STEWARD’S MANUAL A Book of Instruction for Hospital Stewards, Ward Masters, and Attendants in their several duties. Prepared in strict accordance with existing regulations and the customs of service in the armies of the United States of America, By JOSEPH JANVIER WOODWARD MD, Assistant Surgeon USA 12mo.