This is a very rare copy of The Ambulance Surgeon or Practical Observations on Gunshot Wounds by Appia published in 1862 for the American Civil War. It was originally published in French in 1861. THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY ENGLISH EDITION.

¬†Louis Paul Appia (author of The Ambulance Surgeon), (October 13, 1818 – May 1, 1898) was a surgeon with special merit in the area of military medicine. In 1863 he became a member of the Geneva “Committee of Five”, which was the precursor to the International Committee of the Red Cross. Six years later he met Clara Barton, an encounter which had significant influence on Clara Barton’s subsequent endeavours to found a Red Cross society in the United States and her campaign for an accession of the US to the Geneva Convention of 1864.

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