A Treatise on Fever, (1861), by Robert D. Lyons, K. C. C., Professor of Practice of Medicine Marked U.S.A. Hospital Department on Front Cover

A copy of this text book is listed in the 1864 Surgeon General’s Office Library Catalogue

Additional information on Robert Lyons: This textbook takes on significant importance in consideration of the effect Yellow Fever had on the deployment of troops during the Civil War. During the summer months, the troops were not deployed to the hot and humid areas which were prone to mosquito infestations and the resultant spread of Yellow Fever or other insect borne diseases. LYONS ROBERT D, K.C.C., Late Pathologist in chief to the British Army in the Crimea. A TREATISE ON FEVER or selections from a course of Lectures on fever being part of a course of Theory and Practice of Medicine. In one neat octavo volume of 362 pages extra cloth $2.00.

‘We have great pleasure in recommending Dr Lyons work on fever to the attention of the profession. It is a work which cannot fail to enhance the author’s previous well earned reputation as a diligent careful and accurate observer. British Medical Journal, March 2 1861. Taken as a whole we can recommend it in the highest terms as well worthy the careful perusal and study of every student and practitioner of medicine. We consider the work a most valuable addition to medical literature and one destined to wield no little influence over the mind of the profession. Med and Surg Reporter May 4 1861. This is an admirable work upon the most remarkable and most important class of diseases to which mankind are liable.’ Med. Journal of N. Carolina, May 1861 edition